Advantages of building applications with Vue.js
Advantages of building applications with Vue.js

For starters, Vue.js is a JavaScript library for building web interfaces using the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture pattern. If you think about MV pattern, the idea of Vue is probably closer to ‘V’, because the core library is focused on the view layer.

Having said that, you can also call Vue.js a framework that has a set of optional tools. While other monolithic frameworks are present, Vue.js is entirely designed from the scratch up to be incrementally adopted. So if you are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then Vue.js is extremely easy to get started with.

In many cases, Vue.js replaces Angular, Ember, and React - this is a good thing and makes it different to work with it. In addition to this, Vue combines with other modern tooling and supporting libraries to render a perfect single page application. On top of that Vue’s upgrade has rewritten using lightweight virtual DOM implementation forked from snabbdom library. This supports very fast server-side rendering, along with streaming and component-level caching.

The following the best some parts, that probably has the advantage of being picked.

  1. Focus

Vue.js is predominantly used for building user interfaces for the and this is achieved by a library that does not have any influence from the frameworks out there already. Supporting libraries like -router (for routing) and (which is a flux-inspired library for state management) are integrated with Vue.

  1. Simplicity

Adding Vue.js to your web project can be very simple and you’ll find there will be no, no and no wrestling with a. The awesomeness is just because you need external libraries, but tend to use it with or without jQuery. And this is a USP for Vue.js to score over others. Vue has an elegant combination of structure and simplicity. And it works well when things and your views.

  1. Reactivity

At every point, when the variables change, it’ll automatically inform their peers. This is where variables in Vue.js are reactive.

  1. Flexibility

Vue.js comes with perfect balance to write quickly and run straight from the browser. With that said, it is extremely generous if you would like to create any sophisticated app using with ES6, separate component files, JSX, building, routing etc.

  1. Components

Actually, this is where Vue’s flexibility system is built, so that components can be small and are reusable parts of UI. This isn’t any special because the of JavaScript frameworks are built with this concept.

  1. Copying competitors

Vue.js comes with what had already been efficient from other frameworks, indeed it copies what works in other frameworks and what doesn’t. As already been stated, (which is a flux-inspired library for state management) was inspired from Elm. Along with this, Vue’s components get the similarities with Polymer’s customer elements.

There is more of Vue.js than few which I’ve discussed here. Do keep a tab on this blog to check out our other articles on technology, engineering, and product building. Give us a shout at if you intend to build an application using Vue.js.

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