An ideal Development Partner for start-ups
An ideal Development Partner for start-ups

Partnerships are one of the most important aspects of building a start-up. Development partnership can leverage someone else’s asset and can regularly host activities with a similar focus. In the early stages of the company, most entrepreneurs aim to build a product to ensure that it solves the problem that they have set out for.


Therefore choosing the right product & engineering partner for your start-up becomes critical in the journey. There might be a thought of building & managing an engineering team and not hire an external team. This is where you certainly need to understand why outsourcing is important to your business.

Here’s why –

  • You may not have the required technical expertise

  • You may not have the required time to micromanage

  • You may not have built enough products in the past to understand the dev ecosystem

  • Budget constraints

  • Faster development with single point of contact

  • Frees up your time for other more important things


What can an engineering partner deliver strategically?

The challenge is that both sides need to share the same vision and envisage the final product. Once the base is set by identifying the right engineering partner, the strategic partnership helps the transformation of an idea into a functional product. The hurdles and risk are minimized by bringing in structures like the below:

  • Minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Scaling the MVP and the subsequent phases

  • Re-engineering & pivoting features/product

  • Infrastructure scaling & managing super scale

A great engineering partnership will help you define and devise a plan to get Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in just 3 -4 weeks.

There are many ways and forms of value that can be gained through partnership. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Idea validation and refinement

Entrepreneurs are always abuzz with ideas and sometimes lose the focus & prioritization. It takes a mature mind to understand the problem and to prioritize the features – identifying signals from the noise. A sound engineering partner will be able to do this.

  1. Brainstorming

Here is the transition from idea to realization. Depending on the stage at which the product is, deciding the tech stack to be used, understanding the user behavior and scale – it requires skill & experience.

  1. MVP design

With MVP you will get your product release on time with innovative features, modern practice, tools, and architecture.

M (minimum) you can save your money.

V (viable) your product will be functional and beneficial. Hence you will have to find a balance between minimum and viable.

P (product) the end product should possess its worthiness of quality in the market. Overall quality assurance and advanced beta testing will get you a better business result.

Demonstrating this sort will keep you secure with your investors.

  1. Go to market strategy

This will be the first test on the market. And your development partner will implement the data collection tools to track and respond to feedbacks. We’ll do implementing new features as a further product support.


Codingmart – An ideal engineering partner

Codingmart has been built & nurtured in such a way that it becomes the ideal engineering partner for start-ups and companies. With a bunch of product managers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, the team is an extension of your business in a true sense.


Are you looking to build a product & are confused between building your own team or hiring an external team, do not hesitate to contact us. Drop a line at and we’ll be talking in a few hours.

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