Delivering service provider product for Cleartrip Local - A case study
Delivering service provider product for Cleartrip Local - A case study

Overview, regarded as a pioneer in the online travel industry, has won millions of loyal customers due to their ingenious product and design. It can be personified as ‘innovation meets minimalism’. Their main focus and mission has always been one thing alone – Making travel simple.

Cleartrip had become a trendsetter for many in product and design innovation, winning a number of awards and attaining a million customers. However, a time came when Cleartrip found itself with the need to reinvent itself and build a business vertical that could solve real-world problems for their customers.

And here was when Cleartrip Activities was born.

Activities is a marketplace for things that travellers can do in more than 50 cities around India. Though the idea was fantastic, it did come with challenges of its own - aggregating service providers of the ‘things to do’ to an online platform when most of them haven’t even seen the internet.

To find a solution, Cleartrip approached Codingmart. This case study presents the way Codingmart helped Cleartrip launch Activities, overcoming a number of challenges to build a trailblazing product for service providers that is intuitive, simple, and fits into every category that was meant to be on-boarded.

And our mission began in March 2015.


The engineering team at Codingmart was working day and night to turn the basic idea of Activities into a market-worthy product and putting it out there for thousands of service providers. Time, as always, played a critical role in the entire equation, in terms of taking the MVP out to a closed group of service providers to gain an early mover advantage in the whole space.

We deployed 5 engineers who began with talking to the stakeholders, understanding their pain points and building the product as a scalable technology solution. Consequently, we brainstormed to come up with ideas for the transmission to work from service provider’s perspective. A number of performance-based requirements were pushed into ‘Activities’ page. Along with this way, we made development phases like:

  • MVP launch

  • Closed beta launch

  • Full product launch

We firmly believed Agile and Scrum was the perfect development methodology that could scale the product exceedingly well throughout the launch. Being premier engineers our team captured their user stories and scenarios to create report feedbacks on regular intervals and incorporate feedback from all the stakeholders at different points in time.


All of us went through a series of requirement gathering sessions where demonstrated how functioning would play out with a web-based prototype.

Workflow of the project:

  • Managing categories and sub-categories

  • Custom and dynamic on-boarding of service providers across categories

  • One of its kind pricing and inventory management

  • Content management for service providers and Cleartrip

  • Service provider operations management

  • Cleartrip’s fulfillment and operations

  • Analytics and reports for various stakeholders

  • APIs for internal consumption

Within a short time frame, we were able to develop and deliver a working solution that made headway into the service provider community.

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Activities were built with Ruby on Rails leveraging the power of Angular JS framework for the front-end and Oracle database. The core of the project requires throughput and scalability with input/output operation, so Node JS was used in tandem as well. ElasticSearch was used to index the database and serve the results with speed on user requests.

As we made progress, agile methodologies came into effect more than we had envisioned as the product had undergone numerous pivots along the way.


The service provider product was open to the community by July 2015, ahead of its expected launch date amidst much cheer from the community and the stakeholders. The platform, today, proudly hosts about 20000+ service providers and over 100,000 unique experiences across 50 cities in India and 3 cities in UAE.

The final product to consumers with the collection of experiences aggregated from the platform that we’ve built went live by August 2015.

The seamless performance and robust design with minimal failure record has resulted in a high level of reliability that solved a real world problem for thousands of service providers. The collection of experiences ranging from adventure, night treks, day hiking, go-karting, food walks, culinary classes, tours, children’s activities, skill workshops, water sports, theme park, horse riding, golf and more is being served to over 20 million users of Cleartrip.

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Today, the seed that was sown to build Activities has grown into a garden with extension and evolution of the product to become Cleartrip Local. Local has 4 categories – Activities, Eat out, Events, and Fitness – all scaling up beautifully on what we’ve built from the scratch.



Project timeline: 6 months

Engineers deployed: 5

Tech stack: RoR, Node JS, Angular JS, and Oracle

No. of development hours: 7000+

Time saved by Cleartrip: 3 months

Benefits: Cleartrip became the first ever player to launch such a platform

Transactions: Hit the 1000 transactions/day mark under 50 days and 5000 transactions/day under 120 days

If you have envisioned a product that is of this scale and are at crossroads to figure out a reliable engineering partner, do not hesitate to contact us. Codingmart – The Technology craftsmanship for startups.

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