Why you should consider React Native for your mobile app?
Why you should consider React Native for your mobile app?


Around the time Facebook open-sourced React Native in 2015, it is proving easy and painless library, since engineers don’t need to spend more time to struggle with their framework but can pay more reliable time on the product.


In more concrete terms, React focuses on the view portion – which means you’re React Native app code consists of React Components, that are small pieces of code, and they describes the look of your app based on some set of inputs. Thus it makes it easier to iterate the product with more confidence towards for a reliable result.


React is not just a hot crop of MVC frameworks, but a unifying backbone of mobile application development (iOS & Android) – taking care of JavaScript development in the future. React approach targets “Learn once and write anywhere”. This framework is not for mobile web apps or HTML5 apps or hybrid apps, rather truly for native applications for both iOS & Android. 


Many organization, as well as new start-ups across the globe, has begun using React Native. This rolled out in making several admired applications such as Myntra, Discovery VR, SoundClose Pulse, Facebook Ads Manager, Squad, Bit Wallet and lot more. There are few benefits working with React Native framework, and we had listed them down.


  • Code Sharing

Think about sharing your code with all the logic. And now React Native does it all by one shared codebase, be as it may a server, or in a web browser, or on Android and even iOS. Hence this goes well for many reasons like:

o   Less possibility of bugs

o   Less code to maintain

o   Can do a better usage of the human resource. And a lot more points.   


  • Effective Developer Experience and Easy Reloading

This isn’t going to be any more crucial as it was with mobile development. We know while the development cycle, you can roll out changes just by refreshing your browser and get an immediate feedback. But when it comes to mobile development, it requires a full built code to implement your changes.

Now the difference is, React Native lets you save a lot of re-compilation time and reflects the changes just if you hit Cmd+R and refresh.


  • Live Updates

The time is here to guarantee your customer with the latest and greatest version of your app. The service makes it possible to do live updates for your app, without going through the App Store. Now when I said this, an iOS App developer can compare it with his frustrating experience of waiting for an App Store approval. With React Native, you can publish updates to your app installed, as long as you are aware of its version.


  •  Server-side Rendering

Whenever you are building React Native, you don’t have to use a different library for object creation. You can employ the same file both on the client side and server side, thus making a huge impact on performance.


  • Declarative API

React Native uses declarative API instead of the basic one. This lets you take advantage whenever you have an application with diverse states. Here, you will have to consider only the current UI state without holding track of the older ones. Thus makes your UI predictable and easy to understand.


  • Debugging Tools

React Native is a great expansion to most of the text editor for JavaScript editing, just that it does not let you work with Xcode for developing iOS and Android Studio for Android development.


  • ES6

The Native React targets on composing code for a single JavaScript runtime. And with that, the Native’s packager transpiles your JavaScript and JSX for you - so that, the same code can run on both the Android and iOS.


  • Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM stores the changes all in a memory system, once before rendering the page. Each time when React re-renders the DOM, it is quick and simpler as compared to executing any JavaScript statements. This is very important if you are considering a system of the mobile device.

And beyond for the developers!!

  • Ability to Parallelize Work

For a smart and smooth animation – Facebook had created a framework called as Async display kit that can be rendered off the main thread. So if you are a Web worker, you can also get started with React Native – all of which the main reason for its image decoding, text management, and layouts are simple to process.


  • Declarative Style

React and React Native opts a declarative style of coding, which means you can write codes that are flexible, readable and not manipulative. In this way, your UI will get to be understandable just by looking the code. Now with these benefits, React Native feels extremely better in executing and extraordinary for user experience at the end.


  • Sophisticated Gesture Handling

One of the React’s Native greatest strength is building a gesture system that is advanced and sophisticated as native gesture systems. This can become exceptional, as not many tools on the web provide access to native gestures.


  • Access to Native Capabilities

We’ve all used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to re-implement native widgets. Didn’t except, it’s pretty much laggy and doesn’t work well. Since then we’ve learned from our mistakes and are taking the web seriously again – React shines in native capabilities and widgets. This is much easier to and our problem solved.


  • Faster Iterations

React Native gets you to decide on how to reload your app to view the changes – the options are Hot Reloading and Live Reloading, and it is fast. Additionally, this reduces feedback loop which issues over-the-air code updates.


  • Cross-Platform

React Native framework promises that they will let you make a great app for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.


  • Easier Readability

Native React will do simple code that is easier to read by the system and by the developer. This results in a declarative style of coding, which increases the readability of the coding paradigms and process.

Bottom line

These are just a few out of many other reasons that React Native is a great skill to have on hand. We realize React will continue to grow in popularity with its core idea of building UI’s. Keep in mind, taking the mobile app development to another level lies between the quality of the app built with it and the richness of the platform and ecosystem.

So,  we welcome your feedback and contribution if you are looking to have your mobile application built. See how Codingmart team can help you!


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