A Realm for the Mobile Database
A Realm for the Mobile Database

So, if you had been keeping up with the recent highlights in iOS or Android development, this nowhere going to be new to you – you must have heard of Realm.


What is Realm?

A lightweight mobile database and a replacement for SQLite and ORM libraries in your Android projects.


Since then, times are changing, Realm mobile database is loved by developers when it comes to building apps that are reactive, collaborative, and offline-first. Realm promises some difference with another database of all which makes life easier for Android developers. Realm uses its own C++ core, thereby not using SQLite as its engine, thus provides a mobile first alternative to SQLite


The realm mobile platform enables a lot of modern features such as encryption support, data change notification, fluent API, and JSON support. When compared to SQLite, it is very fast in reading and writing data.


Why a Realm for your apps?

The  Realm is more devoted to two-way data sync and real-time collaboration, that makes your app unique and fewer in time to maintain services. Sure, a cross platform like Realm lets you share same data models over iOS and Android.


On the other side, Realm could be better for less memory space when compared to SQLite. This significantly reduces the overall size of your app. If you run them, you’ll be able to witness it much faster than ORM or the raw SQLite. The following five reasons really impressed me to choose Realm over SQLite and CoreData for our projects.


  1. Good for Ease of use – After using Realm, I’ve been a fan of it and I’m sure many of you will feel the same. Their data models are defined using traditional NSObject-style classes @properties and subclass RLMObject to create your Realm data model object. You saw how easy it is to create and query it. If you are wondering about CoreData – it’s not easy to catch up and maintain.

  2. Good for speed - Realm has found fans among Engineers, and what they get out of the box is query speed. So today, Realm forces to be a fastest than several other mobile data storage solutions.

  3. Good for Realm Browser – You might have noticed real-time solutions such as Core Data Editor, SQLite Professional, Core Data Pro, etc., that will explore your CoreDate independently. If you run into them, they must be either expensive or inefficient. For all the goodness, Realm provided a utility known as Realm Browser, to easily explore and edit your Realm database.

  4. Good for Cross-platform - Realm offers to share the same data models over iOS & Android, which is a huge advantage across multiple platforms. I’m sure this is highly unachievable and might take chances to disappoint you – if you use CoreData or SQLite. 

  5. Good for Well-documented, & Other features - Realm means way more than you’ve featured. This is in continuous development, and their documentation is very straight forward. I am sure with the help of amazing documentation, you will easily find your answer to the related question. Right now, it’s very promising to have supported with Objective-c as well as Swift for iOS developers.


Their pro’s

  • Makes your app functionally work even when it is offline

  • Its speed is 10x time up over SQLite, so complex queries take less than a second

  • Has responsive team

  • Any developer can access same data concurrently from multiple threads

  • Easy to use

  • Object conversion are handled for you

  • Convenient for creating and storing data on the fly

  • Can secure your data with transparent encryption and decryption

  • Reactive architecture


Their con’s

  • Cannot access objects across threads

  • Null support

  • Still under active development

  • Not sufficient content online

Finally, it’s better to rethink and migrate to Realm. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Though it is still early, it supports long-term relationship, background operation, migration, notification, etc. We have experience in this field like no other, thus we love you to get speedy work done according to your top priority. This had widened our opportunity to work on apps on Android platform and native iOS.


Codingmart’s engineers had proven Realm design in the full cycle of app development, focusing on quality-driven apps that can take our customers business to the next level.

So, if you like our work and want to get in touch? Contact here for your dream mobile app.

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