Codingmart’s Angular JS Expertise - A Class Above The Rest
Codingmart’s Angular JS Expertise - A Class Above The Rest

Codingmart, a software development company for start-ups, prides itself on the products it makes for its customers. We believe that we build top-notch products with the latest technologies in the market to create a positive impact on consumers and entrepreneur, alike. We work towards bringing innovation to the products we build.


What makes us different from the rest?

1. Well, with technology evolving rapidly, we aren’t the ones to sit back and just watch. We commit ourselves to continuously learning in order to keep abreast with these changes and help educate our partners as well.

2. Our main goal is to ship well-crafted, sustainable, and focused digital products to our customers. When working with us, you don’t gain an outsourcing agency but a partner.

3. Our team has a sense of integrity, responsibility, and ownership in whatever they take up. We make sure we never compromise on things.

4. Transparency is what we abide by – We value our partnerships and make sure that all our partners stay well informed of changes and updates.


Why choose our Angular JS expertise?

Our Angular JS expertise is first-rate. We are well versed in Google’s latest Angular JS 2.0. We have helped a number of customers build their products using Angular JS 2.0, namely:

1. – A discovery platform for farmers and farms offering volunteering activities. You can choose to get your hands soiled, grow your own vegetables, or pluck them right off the plants to buy.

2. V-Engage from Vizury – Vizury’s marketing platform helps companies reach out to new customers and engage with them at every stage of the purchase cycle. Due to the fact that it is a B2B product requiring a lot of sales meetings and iterations before freezing the features, the company required a canvas where their salespersons could create a prototype and showcase it. And that is what we helped Vizury create.


Why is it best to build your apps with Angular JS?

1. It is the best framework to build real-time interactive web and mobile single page applications.

2. Its locale aware filters and stemming directives are building blocks to make your application available in all locales.

3. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. Every feature can be modified or replaced to suit your unique development workflow.


At CodingMart, we believe that product engineering forms the bedrock of any online business. Great minds are required to choose the right technology stack and platforms to build a product that beats the rest in the market. And like we have repeatedly said, this is what we strive to do.

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