Conversational Commerce in 2017
Conversational Commerce in 2017

You may have heard a lot about chatbots lately. And it’s not surprising. But now it’s time to re-imagine the chats as an interface for commerce, where you could do all that – plus engage in making plans in action in order to change the way your business will interact with its customers. That’s what makes conversational commerce.

The word conversational commerce was recently coined by Chris Messina. In practical terms, we define conversational commerce as “Conversational commerce is much of a surprise for people and business who want to interact in a world driven and more by text messaging and with intelligence-driven representatives using language and voice.”

The new trend of conversational commerce is taking the future to next level, in marketing to customers as well as making purchases online. This upcoming wave is already occurring in china through in-app messaging, where customers are using WeChat to fulfill their daily commerce needs. In seconds, they’ve been from a single sentence - your unique needs have been translated into the purchase.


Transforming Messaging Apps as a channel to communicate with Customers

Within this context of communication between business and its customers, live chat has a 73% of customer satisfaction rate – tracking the highest rated compared to email (61%) and phone (44%). They’re evolving in this way as channels by growing promising consumer experience from product discovery to payments and tracking the status of orders to customer service. 

Messaging Apps as a Channel to Communicate With Customers  

It definitely is a bold statement from such big and confident recommendation of products that match your consumer’s unique needs, who’s an expert even in cross-sell and upsell.


Transforming Messaging Apps as a way to Pay

Consumers spend 85% of their time on smartphones in apps, this is a research made by Nielsen.

The essence of messaging apps constantly improved the way to let users boost a reliable and productive connection from the business perspective. What a better way to recreate online customer service strategy.

The newest advantage like the ability to pay through chats is one of the prime things that people do in online business. Sending and receiving money are at the heart of all forms of commerce, which includes business-to-customer, business-to-business or even peer-to-peerFacebook’s Messenger and Snapchat’s snap case are delivering with payments through chat.

conversational commerce snapchat

We see not everyone has Facebook or Snapchat account, this new feature is an improvement for people who just want to use the messaging app.


Transforming Messaging Apps as your Personal Assistant

So, what’s next? Conversational commerce implies as a jack-of-all-trades. Naturally, it’s the new concierge service suggest that “conversational commerce” will shift in this direction to integrate the way we buy. Clearly, there are benefits of using “virtual assistance”. As a result, people who just want to use the messaging app for their pre-purchase research, placing an order and making payments can be handed off to your virtual assistance. However, this promises to explore new ways to serve your needs better about anything from product recommendation to promotions or support issues.

Right now, Amazon had trained to make their personal assistant to the next level.


Transforming Messaging Apps as a medium for Content

Well, what’s the most important aspect of conversational commerce? I think...It’s conversations of course. This is constantly improved the darkest of dark social. Earlier discovery and tracking for anything with the people who want to get them were difficult enough.

conversational commerce

Believe it or not, the success rate of getting it right after playing for it has attracted more share buttons. If you’re among Snapchat, BuzzFeed or Quartz, which turns news into an interactive experience in the way you consume it.

For a while now, look how fast and elaborate mobile commerce been a huge part in china, where one app rules their daily life.


Transforming Messaging Apps for Everything

Conversational commerce is bringing a whole lot more convenience mobile and social commerce in a big way.

wechat conversational commerce

As for WeChat – all in one messaging app in china – have already outreach itself by the following:

  • Order your food

  • Book your flight

  • Pay your friend

  • Hail a cab

  • Start Playing some games

  • Wanna watch a movie?  Then buy the tickets

  • Meet new people

In fact, this can keep going on.

On a contrary to this, apps like Uber, Facebook’s Messenger, Paypal, etc are more in countries with the diverse ecosystem, for their powerful APIs make it possible to plug into a single interface.


Conversational Commerce for the world of Tech and Business is already here

One thing is for sure; conversational commerce promotes a lightweight experimentation by reducing cost and friction in trying out something new. This shift brings commerce into the familiar context of messaging apps. As for social media platforms, conversational commerce will be the gold mine to service builders whose focus is more on an apparent value that they can deliver through a familiar channel.

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