Free Email for Custom Domain
Free Email for Custom Domain

As an emerging business, it is vital to own a custom mail server to support the growth of the business. Since enterprise mail services like Google and Outlook have terminated their mapping functions to the custom domain, it's high time we move on with a more efficient option instead of outlook custom domains. One among the better solutions for this concern is to use Zoho’s custom mail ( service to map it to our domain.

Zoho Mail:

Zoho mail lets you take better control of your inbox by allowing you to create up to 5 custom emails for your particular domain, which is for free. You might just have to pay very less even in cases where you need to subscribe.

Steps :

  1. Sign up for your domain at and Select the “LITE” plan if you need free access.
  2. Enter your domain name and click “Add Domain”.
  3. Open your DNS settings in the Hosting management panel, and add the CNAME, host, and destination.
  4. Wait for the change to take effect ( which is a minimum of at least 1 hour).
  5. Click “verify” and the setup takes you through the next series of steps as you click “next”.
  6. Add users, MX record, and a migration if you need to import the previous mail data.
  7. Again the change in the DNS settings would need time to take effect.
  8. You can now open “” and access your custom domain inbox.

Need help with setting it up?

We’re ready to set up email for your custom domain through this mailing setup process for no cost. Feel free to contact us for free email address custom domain through Zoho.

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