Future Of Ruby On Rails
Future Of Ruby On Rails

Being a rails developer for quite a while now and getting a good exposure to the industry, I can tell you positively that determining the future of this industry is extremely difficult. This question has no direct or simple answers.


What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a framework used to build web applications that are usually written in the Ruby language.  This framework is being adopted in areas like e-commerce, mobile apps, education, retail, etc. Many emerging companies and startups are taking a keen interest in rails. New release of rails has some awesome security features contributing to its growth in health and insurance as well.

Now getting to the core, Ruby is the backbone of rails. Ruby is extremely user-friendly and flexible to provide changes to applications in an efficient manner. It has a power of reusability that plays a vital role in its adoption.  

Ruby offers great scope for improvements. When a programmer acquires knowledge of ruby, he puts himself in one of the top categories of programmers. He becomes a quality resource in the IT market.

Today, the rails environment is able to fill almost every significant gap that we can imagine. We have been provided with some of the best front-end tools with less sass, compass, etc., and back-end support for Mongo, Redis, Elasticsearch, and even Hadoop.


Future of Ruby on Rails

So where will rails be in a few years from now?

Rails will certainly dominate the market taking over PHP, WordPress, etc. The rails community is working hard to make this happen quicker. I have no uncertainties that this community will be able to fill any loopholes we might still find.

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