Ruby Flavoured – Rails (For Beginners)
Ruby Flavoured – Rails (For Beginners)

Ruby Flavoured – Rails (For Beginners)

Written in Ruby, Rails is a web application development framework designed to make the programming of web applications much easier by making assumptions about what every developer needs to get started. Over the last decade, the Ruby programming language has been blotted out from being open source to a sought after framework among a few of the world’s top technologies. Honestly, mastering a new programming language, one that is as efficient and flexible like Ruby, is not easy.

Initially, I got my hands dipped in the basics like (HTML5, CSS3) and I started playing around with it. These basics are necessary to understand Ruby better. While learning a new language, it’s quite normal to make mistakes. Keeping a track of your mistakes will save you a considerable amount of time in the future.


Reading List – best sources


First Stop: The World Wide Web

The most obvious solution is the World Wide Web. Anytime you need to learn more about technologies that’s the one place to hit. If it’s Ruby that you’re going to learn, certainly your first stop should be the Ruby website.


Second: Books for Beginners

If you’re this kind of person who wants to be sure of the basics first while starting something new, then the best solution for you would be Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional by Peter Cooper.

Alternatively, you can go with the standard solution: Programming Ruby 1.9 by Thomas, Fowler, and Hunt.

The third book you can look up is David Black’s The Well-Grounded Rubyist. It's a good start for beginners in many optimal ways explaining the language in every aspect.


Third: Just Beyond Beginner

I have to accept that I’m a little confused about which Ruby book I can recommend next: I would suggest Eloquent Ruby, though. The main aim of Eloquent Ruby is to explain the practical usage of Ruby in the real world.

Another book that every Ruby developer should try is The Ruby Programming Language by David Flanagan and Ruby inventor, Yukihiro Matsumoto.


Efficient guide to learning Ruby

Don’t Learn Rails before Ruby

Getting familiar with Ruby is a key factor to learning Rails. The script that you’d use to code Rails framework is Ruby. The only difference is that the rails framework is well organized with Ruby as a base to build applications.


Things to remember:

  • Do not ctrl-c / ctrl-v the codes – It helps if you memorize the codes since experience is the best practice to learn things.
  • Don’t getting tired of Google – One skill that any developer should have mastered is “Googling”. Whenever you’re stuck with some something during a course, Google might come to your rescue.
  • Reading source codes and documentation – If nothing helps with your issue, go back to reading the documentation.
  • Understand the source code better, you might end up resolving the issue on your own.

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