Sathish Balakrishnan Jun 02
The Most In-Demand Programming Languages For 2017
There are a number of languages that are used widely today. Coding Dojo, a coding school has released the top 9 in-demand programming languages for 2017.
Sathish Balakrishnan Apr 06
What is IoT?
The 'Internet of Things' is rapidly turning into the inclining subject of discussion in the business world. It is an idea that has started to have an immense effect on how we live and the way we work. Be that as it may, what is this new idea?
Dorothy Shyamala Mar 14
A Realm for the Mobile Database
A Realm mobile database can make your app witness much reactive, collaborative and offline-first. Thus, promising to be a mobile first alternative to SQLite and CoreData.
Dorothy Shyamala Mar 12
An Ideal Technology Partner For Start-Ups
Engineering partner works shoulder to shoulder in executing an idea into a functional product that solves the core problem effectively.
Dorothy Shyamala Mar 02
Mobile First Index by Google
Mobile first Indexing will be pushed to a larger scale, in achieving better user-friendly mobile experience and fast-loading than ever.
Sathish Balakrishnan Feb 24
Product development – The Codingmart way
A great product is the glue that brings together the company & its consumers. Codingmart is a team of entrepreneurs, product managers and product engineers and we realize that delivering a better product translates directly into better business performance.
Dorothy Shyamala Feb 21
Go Native with ReactNative and NativeScript
React Native and NativeScript, which are the queens of the frontend development. Both of which allows developers to build truly native applications using JavaScript – means you can have the absolute speed and power of an app.
Dorothy Shyamala Feb 11
NativeScript – A cross-platform framework to build mobile apps
NativeScript has been one of the pre-eminent platforms to build mobile apps on Android and iOS. This is being able to deliver the fastest app till date.
Sathish Balakrishnan Feb 10
Delivering service provider product for Cleartrip Local - A case study
This case study presents how Codingmart helped Cleartrip launch ‘Activities’ and taking it to the market for thousands of service providers.
Sathish Balakrishnan Jan 30
Why choose AngularJS to build your product?
AngularJS is a matured client-side MVW framework to build complex single page applications. Codingmart develops application based on Angular JS which emphasizes on application writing as well as testing and simplifying the development process.