An Ideal Technology Partner For Start-Ups
An Ideal Technology Partner For Start-Ups

All that is needed for a startup is not just about having a great idea, but to execute that idea into a functional product that solves the core problem effectively and scales up effortlessly. For a non-tech founding team, which is actually the case for over 50% of the tech start-ups, having a great engineering partner that works shoulder to shoulder with the founding team in understanding the problem that they are trying to solve and the underlying solution, is very important to find feet in the market. There was a recent article in Techcrunch “Stop looking for A Technical Co-founder” that spoke about why it would be hard to find your Technology Co-founder and what the options are.


Challenges faced by the startups

It’s not that easy to find an engineering partner as it may sound. A lot of non-tech founders try to build an in-house engineering team and fail terribly in that. Some of the reasons are:

  • It’s very tough to convince engineers to make them join a start-up, especially at its infancy unless they are motivated enough about the problem or know the founders personally.

  • People with great engineering backgrounds need not necessarily be generalists – to build an end-to-end functional product. You may require a few additional & different hands at it.

  • More often than not, it takes more time, effort, resources and cost to ship the product out than it was estimated earlier. A lot of the founders aren’t prepared for this.

  • Eventually, non-tech founders end up bereft of capital sooner than later because of these unforeseen circumstances.

These are the thoughts that haunt an entrepreneur day and night. He / She needs to be absolutely prudent in technological mastery, which means seeking the right technological help for your venture.


Bonding with the right Tech Partner

The most essential requirement for a startup is finding the right technology partner for your venture. Choosing the right technology partner for your business comes with a lot of advantages:

  1. Transforming ideas into digital products: You’ll probably feel it’s quite hard to grasp the problem that you are trying to solve & be equally passionate about the solution. Right technology partner brings you outside your comfort zone by asking you unexpected questions to understand the business. They work with you in charting out the roadmap for the short term and help to prioritize it. They become your co-founders by putting themselves in your shoes and help you with the right mix of right technology skills which your business idea may require in the long run.

  2.  A wide range of technologies to choose from:  The engineering partner themselves have to keep evolving with recent tools and technologies. This results in handling critical issues in an application during design, development, and deployment in the right hands. Therefore consulting support will shape your vision into reality by an ever evolving technology partner.

  3. Agility in approach: Start-ups are always in build-try-fail-pivot-success-repeat mode. Technology partners use the agile methodology which is more business focused. Now the business can be easily taken to the next level with an opportunity to leverage technology and big ideas in custom software development. I think this is the biggest benefit to remain involved throughout your project.


So, what all responsibilities we add on us to help startups?

I think every product is different in its way and needs, be it may, developing a B2C product or a B2B product, enterprising is a complex scenario. As a product engineering company, we have been delivering value and overall product strategy to startups.

At Codingmart, we provide end to end service right from business analysis to solution consulting engagement. These services are highlighted early with your end users that you can grow the product idea and build on top of it.

  • Understanding the product requirements right

  • Deciding on the best technical stack

  • Proof of concept development in the form of mock-ups, wireframes

  • Ensure development is scalable & pivotable

  • Visual design and usability experience

  • Manual & load testing


Looking for a trusted technology expert?

Well, choosing the right technology partner is the first hurdle which many startups face. But once you have opted for it, the business can easily run through and win over this ordeal.

If you are still not convinced about it, let’s get in touch and argue a bit. Drop us a line at

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