An agile and Scrum approach to Software Development
An agile and Scrum approach to Software Development

You can call it as a periodic approach or an iterative way of dealing software delivery by constructing it in an incremental order, rather than attempting to convey immediately all at once. This helps to seek the team to respond from the start of the project. An agile development contrast any traditional way of software development methodologies or waterfall model.

The usefulness of the process was brought out by its iterations. By which the project is broken into little bits of user stories, while after they prioritize them for a continuous delivering of software. And hence it serves a disciplined project management process, by empowering a frequent review and adoption.

agile in a nutshell

Why do we use agile?

Agile development provides an opportunity for a quick fix approach. Or would it be easier to gather all requirements, make architecture, then develop codes, learn to design it, and build any sudden changes at the end of the product? The team might possibly come up with an irrelevant product. In this scenario, we have changed it so dramatically to ensure a working end product that is achieved through agile development before it was actually finished. So many software developers easily release their progress and re-evaluate their roadmap when situation steer them in another direction. And it is because; this is not a waterfall model where chances are one to give a right product.


Agile development methodology builds an alternate approach by a continuous inspection, unlike the one in the waterfall. Thereby, it could easily optimize the value all through its development. Representing this here, the teams can create software in the meantime they’re requirement analysis is taking place. This brings in productive changes to software delivery. Such a phenomenon is known as “analysis paralysis”. In fact, we call it as a very critical movement to give innovations to iterative goal settings, collaboration and software management at a continuous development. The consequence of “inspect-and-adapt” way to deal with improvement significantly lessens both development cost and time.


Agile gives a chance to survey the direction of a project all through its lifecycle. This helps the methodology to build the right product. Now because accomplished through repetitive work cycle or iterations, it becomes more flexible to analyze and meet if any difficulties that are running within the process. This is towards the end of which the team must present a possibly shippable product. But on the same line, it has its pitfall as well: Sometimes compromisation in quality can come into the play when importance is paid only to please customers in delivering the software. This eventually releases software that is inefficient to use when certain documentation, testing, and collaboration are made to overlook.


However, on the grounds of restricted to two weeks work cycle, it gives stakeholders a chance to raise opportunity in real world success as well new featured service into the market. Improvement using agile methodology saves products critical market relevance by ensuring to give a competitive as possible in the marketplace.

The scrum - What it is?

Scrum forms the most popular phase in agile movement and the most widely used by the organization for its flexibility and simplicity. They often approach to agility in three fundamental processes, such as:

  • Roles

  • Artefacts

  • Time boxes


The scrum framework describes product owner, team, and scrum master, which works well for any complex software development project. This keeps a better and different estimate from usual agile movement. However, organizations cover most of its project development in absolutely innovative streams, helping it to benefit its productivity and minimize time. This evolving methodology meets endless possibilities using incremental and interactive practice that significantly stays better than traditional / waterfall process. As a result, they easy to fall popular in covering empirical framework, team management, and quickly tested products. Meanwhile, the way the team emphasizes on:

  • Flexibility in changing requirements on account of any situation

  • Better than the best estimates in  a short period of time

  • Stay in line with project schedule and state

  • Provide efficient deliverables

  • Adaptability during unexpected situations


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