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As an organization that has innovation in its DNA, it’s quite natural that it aspires to be ahead of the curve in terms of experimenting & playing with some of the latest technologies to develop its own product lines & build capabilities to give a head start to its partners.

Codingmart has established a research & development wing where a bunch of high spirited engineers & product managers work on giving birth to something totally new and cool.Below are some of our obsessions, of late.


The world’s earliest Chatbot, Eliza was built in the 1960s and have been around for a while. With the extension of them onto messaging platforms having billions of users, they have the potential to disrupt the mobile app market as it gives consumers the choice of not loading their phones with apps. Machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and a few more of such terms will be put into practical use. Codingmart has developed its own chatbot and is in the final stages of making it a public commercial application.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is still in its infancy and is fragmented. The potential of IoT will gradually unlock when all devices are able to connect to each other, no matter which company has manufactured the product or the business relationships between companies.The intrinsic value of IoT does not lay in the door getting unlocked when you go closer to your home, but lies on the data that these devices gather about its users. This will enable businesses to run more efficiently. Codingmart is building a device that connects with multiple companies & performs multiple actions without demanding too much.


Most will say that Virtual Reality aids and enhances entertainment but we believe that their real impacts are in business, design, education, engineering, medicine and so many other verticals. Classrooms become more interesting with realistic simulations historic and real world events are re-created. Codingmart takes pride in learning the nuances of VR early on and has the urge to take it to the research playground. While we ourselves did not dare to defy the laws and are working on a game, expect a couple of real world products coming out of our stable.

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