How an online fashion giant transformed their customer experience with Codingmart

The Challenge

Online fashion has become very competitive. Customers have a plethora of options and are hopping from one app to another very frequently. It is important to create product stickiness to encourage customers to stay with the brand in the long term. Existing customers need to be converted to loyal fans of the brand who would keep buying more overtime.

The challenge was to design a system that interconnects different user behaviours with offers from various third party brands. The application needed to scale appropriately to its 40 Million+ user base, which requires careful selection of the right technologies and experienced hands to design and execute the vision to success.

Our Approach

Codingmart partnered with the brand and helped designing the system from scratch. We made careful technology choices thinking about the scale and user experience in mind. Kafka was used to monitor customer behaviour in scale through millions of data points based on their browsing activity eg. exploring new product categories, profile updation, etc.

Over time, customers were segmented into various tiers based on their behaviour for further engagement possibilities. The loyalty engine was modelled in Java and Node.js. The loyalty engine converts user events to loyalty points which can be redeemed at 3rd party stores. This platform was extended to the operations team and new interfacing applications were created for

1. CRM – for handling customer support calls at call centers

2. External brands – for on-boarding and managing external brands

3. Offer management – for designing and rolling-out of offers by internal teams

The customer facing app was designed in PWA (Progressive Web Apps), making the application very light weight. PWA also allowed the same code to be used across all platforms – Web, iOS and Android giving a consistent user experience. This also meant huge savings in terms of development costs and quick time to market for the Fashion brand.

Fact Sheet


  • Node JS
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Elastic Search
  • PWA
  • Java


  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Engineering Architect
  • 3 Backend Engineers
  • 2 Frontend Engineers
  • 1 Integration Specialist
  • 1 Test Engineer


  • 3 Months

Launch Statistics

  • Day 1 – 500k users
  • Day 15 – 2.5M users
  • Day 30 – 4M users

Best Practices

The roll-out has been tremendously successful. The fashion brand received many accolades for their excellent loyalty program. With the increase in spend per customer, time spent on the app and customer lifetime value it is predicted that, the platform will reduce attrition significantly and help the company grow and stand out significantly.

With the right performance metrics in place, the brand is able to track its progress with Codingmart supporting in fine tuning the application based on market feedback. This has contributed to the online fashion brand’s success in retaining market leadership, and increasing customer retention while spurring growth.

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